Incense Sticks: A Fragrance Stick To Make The Environment Positive

God gives the life that we are living. However, we get so busy with everyday work that sometimes we forget to pray. We should spend at least five to ten minutes thanking God and thanking the almighty for providing us with the life we have, the family we have JinPaper Malaysia, and the work we do. Not only in bad times, but we should pray in good times too. It is a good practice and helps a person maintain a connection with God. It is believed that praying in the morning and evening helps eliminate negative energy around the house and loved ones.

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Benefits of incense sticks

Initially, the tradition of lighting incense sticks was started in India that followed Buddhism and was the country of Gautam Buddha. It is said that certain monks took the practice to China to teach the people about the importance of lighting an incense stick and praying to God every day It is believed that there are certain benefits of lighting an incense stick during prayers, such as:

  • When we light an incense stick, the smoke acts as an insect repellent that helps make the environment free of insects and helps maintain focus during prayers.
  • The fragrance of incense sticks is strong and creates an environment suited for maintaining the sharpness of mind and body. In addition, the fragrance gets rid of all the negative energy and makes the surrounding clean of bad vibes.
  • The lighting of an incense stick is often used as a sacrificial offering to the deity. It is believed that it creates a strong connection between the person praying and God.
  • The fragrance of the incense stick repels the mosquitoes so that the deity is not bothered or disturbed by the insects and can maintain concentration.
  • Lighting an incense stick makes the mind enter a calm state and engages it into meditating without any second thoughts or laziness.
  • It is believed that the aroma produced by lighting an incense stick reduces the heart rate, thus helping the body to relax during prayers or meditation.
  • When an incense stick is lit up, it stimulates a person’s creativity that helps him think creatively and bring ideas out of the box or out of anyone’s reach.
  • It is believed that apart from prayers, incense sticks hold medicinal properties too. For example, when a person is addicted to drugs or a bad habit, the concentration of the mind is diverted towards positivity with the help of incense stick therapy.
  • During an unhealthy environment, lighting an incense stick helps purify the air and make it soothing to breathe. It is best suited during the monsoon season when there are many mosquitoes and foul smells from the surroundings.
  • It also stimulates sleep when the person is tired or exhausted from work. In addition, it helps in calming the mind and generating sleep hormones in the body.

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It is believed that incense sticks have many benefits that the people will utilise. It was the Indians who created the incense sticks and got into practice for prayers and meditation, which China then followed.